Our Local School

The parish has one school, Dubmire Academy Primary School www.dubmire.co.uk central within the built-up area of the parish and has become an important focus within the community. The school is relatively new, having moved from the original site, which is now a new private housing development. A lot of children have moved into the Parish as it expands.

The new site consists of a Community Primary School which makes provision on a co-educational basis for pupils within the age range of 3-11 years, a Childcare setting for children from birth to 3 years on a fee paying basis and a free 15 hour place for all 3 year olds. The school also provide a wide range of extended services for your children i.e. Wrap around care, holiday care, as well as before and after school care. Their concern is all about all aspects of a child’s development and hope that families share with them in making a successful period in a child’s life.

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